Reading and watching


The Power of Vulnerability

A Ted Talk in which Brené Brown talks about how being vulnerable and open builds self-awareness and connection with others – vital ingredients for authentic leadership.


The Pursuit of Ignorance 

Neuroscientist Stuart Firestein suggests we should value what we don’t know – or “high-quality ignorance” – just as much as what we know.  He proposes quality ignorance is far more important to discovery than knowledge.   Witty and insightful.


How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek explores how the simple questions of “why, how, and what” can inspire leadership and followership.


How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

A great book on how our minds work with particular focus on how to be a more effective observer.   Accessibly written, it contrasts how Sherlock Holmes thinks versus Doctor Watson.  There is robust science behind the analysis and relevant leadership insights and observations.