Leading Virtual and Blended Teams

A programme of interactive online workshop sessions for creating and sustaining high-performing virtual and blended teams.

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Catapult has operated a virtual team model for over 15 years. We are experienced practitioners. In this series of four interactive online workshops you will learn practical and proven approaches for building a strong team regardless of where members are working.

The workshops give leaders highly practical strategies to:

– Build engagement and energy
– Create trust and accountability
– Guide people through difficult change
– Get results through clear delegation
– Unite teams through clear purpose and vision
– Ensure strong collaboration and support between team members working apart from each other
– Set collective expectations and decision-making protocols

Session One: The Engine of High Performing Teams

How teams work may have changed, but many of the fundamentals of leadership still apply. We examine the new world of work and its implications for leadership. You will explore the degree to which team members are dependent on each other for the work produced, and what this means for how the team needs to interact. We introduce Catapult’s High Performing Team model and apply it to leading a blended or virtual team.

We explore how values and purpose-based team leadership is even more important for leading blended and virtual teams. The session concludes with exploring opportunities for increasing engagement and enhancing the experience of people working in a virtual or blended team.

Session Two: Laying Foundations

The foundation for any high performing team is trust, but even more so for virtual and blended teams. We examine different working styles, how they respond to trust, and identify trust building and trust eroding behaviours.

High trust builds a safe environment for team members to freely share a diversity of ideas and opinions. Creating safety in conversations is more challenging when screens separate us. We explore strategies for collaboration, effective listening, and identifying potential sources of conflict.

Session Three: Securing Alignment and Commitment

When leading a fully virtual or a blended team, it’s vital to clearly communicate the why, what, and how of decisions. We explore different decision-making models, how these work in virtual and blended working environments, and how to gain commitment to decisions from everyone – not just those physically in the room. We explore different ways of meeting and collaborating and provide practical tools you can use immediately.

Session Four: Delivering Results

Knowing when and how to provide the right level of support and challenge to team members, and how to customise motivation, is one of the biggest challenges when leading a virtual or blended team. This session provides insights and tools for adapting your leadership to get the best out of each of your team members, wherever they are working. This includes how to deliver feedback effectively when delivered virtually, how to foster a culture of personal accountability, and how to keep team goals central in a virtual or blended working arrangement.

Session Lead: Emma Holderness

Emma has worked with a multitude of operational teams and executive teams to help them become high performing, fast.  Emma supplements her own extensive organisational experience with a raft of qualifications including:

  • Postgraduate qualification in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma in Teaching
  • Accredited Clifton Strengths
  • Accredited TMI
  • Lominger Accredited
  • Accredited DISC

‘Emma has been instrumental in guiding our teams through group work. She is fantastic at getting to the root of issues and helping teams zero in on key objectives. Her personality is upbeat and she has a real gift in turning the mirror inward to pull out the best in a session.’

Adele Pieterse, Chief People and Culture Officer, Loyalty New Zealand

Format and Cost

Four Zoom online workshops on consecutive Fridays between 10.00am and 12.00pm.

Next Programme:  2021 programme dates to be determined

Cost is $1,250 plus GST. For organisations who put three or more people on any one workshop series, the cost reduces to $950 per person plus GST.

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2021 Dates to be Determined

Register for Leading Virtual and Blended Teams