Leading Change

A lot is known about change management, yet most major change initiatives fail.  This is because leaders often don’t understand the human side of change.  Catapult specialises in culture change and equipping leaders to successfully navigate change.

Culture Change

Creating and maintaining a positive and productive culture is a major challenge for organisational leaders.  A primary reason why it is such a challenge is because of its intangible nature.  Like gravity, you can’t see or touch an organisation’s culture yet it exerts a constant pull that holds things in place. Like gravity, culture is made tangible by its effects; it can be seen in the behaviours and practices of an organisation’s leaders and employees.

We work with clients to create initiatives in which people can successfully step outside their familiar frameworks to identify and address the embedded ways of thinking that drive behaviour and hold the culture’s limitations in place. In doing so, people gain the freedom to act in new ways, and to forge a new culture based on common goals and values.

A key way we work on culture change is helping organisations articulate and embed their organisational backbone – its core purpose, vision and values.

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Leading Change

The pace of change is accelerating exponentially. Most leaders report feeling unconfident in their ability to lead the human side of change. Employees often say they feel change is being done to them, rather than with them.

Catapult equips people leaders and staff to navigate the four phases of change.

Phase 1. Status quo:  Before change, people generally feel comfortable, safe, and in control.  The leadership challenge is to disrupt the status quo and introduce the need for change:

Phase 2. Resistance: People begin to see that change involves loss.  Leaders need to acknowledge loss and co-create a change vision.

Phase 3. Exploration: People begin to experiment.  It’s a time of inquiry and discovery.  Leaders need to facilitate new ways of working. Catapult’s approach is to use this opportunity to unleash energy and creativity.  We design approaches that involve people in problem-solving and innovation.

Phase 4. Commitment:  People are accepting the change.  Leaders need to create “what’s next?”.

Leader-Led Change

Catapult has created online toolkits for leader-led change.  The toolkits include change readiness assessments, leading change self-assessment for leaders, and resources for leaders to run team workshops

Our approaches are research-based and have been adopted by some of New Zealand’s most trusted organisations (Toyota NZ, for example).


“We really enjoyed the session and it has already helped the team look at how we can revisit a change problem which we had previously withdrawn from.”

Paul Graham, Manager, Department of Internal Affairs

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