When change initiatives fail, it’s usually a result of a failure to lead people through change rather than the nature of the change itself.

Catapult has supported a broad range of organisations to navigate change successfully, including Fire and Emergency NZ, Toyota NZ, the Salvation Army, and the Department of Internal Affairs.

Change is an inevitable part of any organisation’s journey. However, it can be a challenging and uncertain time for staff and leaders alike. That’s where Catapult comes in. We offer a range of change offerings to support your organisation through the process and ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

The neuroscience of change tells us that when people are faced with uncertainty or change, it can trigger a stress response in the brain. This can make it difficult for staff and leaders to remain focused, productive and engaged. Investing in change support can help to mitigate this stress response and create a positive environment for everyone involved.

At Catapult, we offer three levels of change support.

  1. We can work with your staff to help them navigate change. We provide training and coaching to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to adapt to the changing circumstances. Our aim is to create a culture of resilience, so that your staff can cope with change in the future as well.
  2. We can support your people leaders to develop their skills in leading change. This involves coaching and mentoring to build their confidence and capability in managing complex change initiatives. We work with your leaders to ensure that they are equipped to navigate the challenges of change, and that they are able to create a supportive environment for their staff.
  3. We can provide our Change Toolki. This is a comprehensive suite of resources and tools organisations can use to plan and implement change initiatives. The toolkit includes templates, guides, and checklists, as well as access to our experienced change facilitators who can provide advice and support throughout the process.

Don’t let change be a daunting prospect for your organisation. With Catapult’s change offerings, you can ensure that your staff and leaders are well-supported and equipped to navigate any changes that come their way. Contact us today to find out more.

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