CliftonStrengths | StrengthsFinder

CliftonStrengths, formerly StrengthsFinder, identifies and describes your natural talents and helps you turn these talents into strengths.

All too often, development looks at what is missing in a person or team and seeks to identify what needs to be done to “plug the gap”.  A strengths approach works on the basis that you should first know what you are naturally good at and turn these talents into strengths.  Typical Strengths sessions include:

“I really got to understand where my strengths lie and how to make the best of them”

“A fun interactive session for the team where we got to see and appreciate our individual and combined strengths and how to make the most of them.”

“Refreshing to work on strengths first and then explore how we can use our combined strengths to work on areas where we need to lift our game ”

Identify and Build on Your Strengths

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