Effective leaders understand and play to their strengths. CliftonStrengths is the pre-eminent and proven tool that enables leaders to identify and develop their natural talents and empower team members.

Understanding Your Own Strengths

Your CliftonStrengths report will identify your talents and provide insights into how your strengths can be leveraged to best contribute to your own, your team’s, and the organisation’s success.

For example, if you have strengths in communication and relationship building, you can use these strengths to foster a culture of collaboration and open communication within your team. You can use these strengths to build strong relationships with stakeholders and other leaders in your organisation.


Building High-Performing Teams

A CliftonStrengths team report identifies the strengths of your team members and provides insights into how these can be leveraged to best effect. By assigning tasks and responsibilities aligned to a team member’s natural talents they are more likely to achieve greater success and feel more fulfilled in their work.

For example, if a team member has strengths in analytical thinking and problem-solving, you can assign them tasks that require these skills, such as data analysis or strategic planning. This not only helps the team member feel more engaged and fulfilled but also leads to better outcomes for the team and organisation as a whole.

By understanding and appreciating each other’s strengths, CliftonStrengths is also an excellent team-building tool.


Creating a Culture of Strengths-Based Development

Focusing on strengths can lead to greater engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction, as well as higher levels of collaboration and innovation.

You can incorporate CliftonStrengths into performance management processes such as goal-setting and professional development plans.

Whether you are a new leader looking to make an impact or a seasoned executive looking to enhance your leadership capabilities, CliftonStrengths can help you achieve your goals and create a positive and productive workplace culture.


Example Strengths Sessions – In Person or Online 

“I really got to understand where my strengths lie and how to make the best of them”

“A fun interactive session for the team where we got to see and appreciate our individual and combined strengths and how to make the most of them.”

“Refreshing to work on strengths first and then explore how we can use our combined strengths to work on areas where we need to lift our game ”

Identify and Build on Your Strengths

With over a decade’s experience working with CliftonsStrengths, Catapult’s Emma Holderness is a master facilitator of all things Strengths. Talk to us about running a Strengths sessions to help you make the most of your natural talents.

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