Senior Team Performance

Senior leadership teams are the stewards of the organisation’s performance and well-being.  These teams set the tone and drive the culture. We get them humming.

What it Takes

From many years working with senior leadership teams we have identified the following six dimensions of senior leadership team performance:

  • Stewardship. Effective senior teams have clarity about the organisation’s purpose, vision, and strategies.  They are aware of opportunities and risks.  They manage both current operational performance and plan for the longer-term success of the organisation.
  • Cause Alignment. Through their words and actions, effective senior teams help align the activities of divisions, teams and individuals to the organisation’s purpose, vision, strategy, and values. 
  • Customer and Stakeholder Focus.  Senior teams are acutely aware of customer and stakeholder needs and these needs are central considerations in decision-making.
  • Fit for Purpose. Effective senior teams have a diversity of skills and experience, work with purpose, and have effective team processes and practices.
  • Effective Decision Makers.  Senior teams make timely and effective operational and strategic decisions.
  • Team Players.  Senior teams role model the behaviours and practices of a high-performing team – open and trust, constructive conflict, decide and commit, support and challenge, and result fanatics.

Senior Leadership Team 360

We believe the best judge of a senior team’s effectiveness are the people, both inside and outside the organisation,  most affected by the team’s work.  That’s why we have created a Senior Leadership Team 360-degree feedback assessment.  The assessment measures the senior team’s performance against the six dimensions listed above.  The resulting report shows the team’s strengths and developmental needs and contrasts how the team’s perception of its performance against the perceptions of key stakeholders.

Based on the 360 results Catapult and the senior team get to work on leveraging the team’s strengths and addressing areas of low performance.

Senior leadership teams united

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