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What is DISC?

DISC is a powerful tool for helping individuals and teams become more effective and high performing.

DISC gives people insight into their behavioural style based on four styles: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

Dominance (D): People with a dominant style tend to be assertive, results-oriented, and decisive. They are often direct, competitive, and enjoy taking charge of situations.

Influence (I): Individuals with an influential style are usually outgoing, enthusiastic, and sociable. They excel in social interactions, are persuasive, and enjoy working in teams.

Steadiness (S): People with a steady style are typically reliable, patient, and cooperative. They prefer stable environments, value relationships, and are good listeners.

Conscientiousness (C): Individuals with a conscientious style are detail-oriented, analytical, and focused on quality and accuracy. They are systematic, organised, and prefer working within established guidelines.

A DISC report shows which of the four behavioural categories a person is most heavily ‘weighted in’. It provides details as to the associated strengths and developmental areas associated with their DISC style. There is no right or wrong behavioural style. Each has its strengths and each has its weaknesses.

Benefits of DISC

There are many benefits to DISCs, for individual team members, the team, and for the team leader.

Better Communication:

Each behavioural style has communication preferences. By understanding our own preferred style and those of others, we can tailor our message to ensure more effective communication. The result is improved interpersonal relationships, reduced misunderstandings and increased productivity.

Improved Collaboration:

Recognising and appreciating the different perspectives and approaches of team members enables the team to leverage the unique contributions of each member. The result is better decision-making and a more positive and inclusive work environment.

Team Culture:

 DISC  builds openness and trust between team members which is a fundamental building block for building a high performing team.

More Effective Leadership:

 Recognising team members have different behavioural styles allows leaders to adapt their leadership to meet the needs of each team member. For example, customising delegation and feedback so they resonate with each team member’s particular DISC style.

DISC Workshops

We run DISC workshops with teams either as stand-alone DISC sessions or as part of a wider team development workshop. We have worked with DISC for over 20 years. Catapult facilitators are masterful at helping individuals and teams extract maximum value from their reports and translate insights into actions and results.

How It Works

Each team member is sent an online DISC assessment to complete two weeks prior to the DISC workshop. The assessment takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete. A comprehensive DISC report is generated for each team member. The report shows their preferred behaviourial style and the implications for this both in terms of strengths, areas for development, and how to work with other DISC styles. Reports are provided to team members at the workshop.

In addition to individual reports, we can generate a DISC Team Culture report which shows the mix of different styles in the team and how this impacts things such as team communication and decision-making.

Unlock Potential With DISC

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