DiSC Behavioural Styles Workshops

DiSC Behavioural Styles workshops are a great way to lift team performance by increasing trust and understanding between team members.

Teams are made up of individuals who bring different behavioural and working styles to the team. Teams that use DiSC better understand and appreciate their collective diversity, perform better and have higher levels of trust and performance.

DiSC is a simple but powerful profiling tool that helps individuals gain greater self-awareness of their own style and to appreciate the styles of other people they work within their team, organisation and even external partners, clients and customers.

One of its strengths is the easy way it can be used in the workplace. With four quadrants, it is easy to recall the different working styles and bear them in mind when working with others.

We have run assessments and workshops for thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams. The positive effect on team dynamics is almost universal.

Lifting team performance

Understanding behaviour is critical for creating high-performing individuals, teams and organisations. The DiSC Behavioural Model is one of the most widely used measures of behaviour in the workplace. Its main strength is that it is jargon-free and easy for people to understand and use.

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