High-Performing Teams

Teams are how organisations get the big jobs done.  With teams constantly forming and morphing, leaders need to know how to get their teams to high performance, fast.

Catapult’s High Performing Team Framework

The elements inside the triangle are the five attributes the team must be adept at if it is to be high performing.
  • Open and Trusting: team members think well of each other and trust each others’ professional competence.
  • Constructive Conflict: the ability to engage in open and healthy dialogue around important issues and ideas.
  • Decide and Commit: the ability to make decisions and then to authentically commit to them.
  • Support and Challenge: the ability to support and challenge each other to deliver on individual and team commitments.
  • Result Fanatics: the team’s goals are clear and given priority over individual team members’ goals.
On the outside of the triangle are the foundation elements of a high performing team:
  • Shared Purpose and Values: team members know what they are there to do and how they will work together.
  • Vision and Bold Goals: team members know what they want to achieve and what success looks like.
  • Engagement and Experience: team members go the extra mile and being part of the team is professionally and personally rewarding.

Team Performance

We’re passionate about team performance and helping teams hum. High-performing teams not only deliver the goods but are stimulating and rewarding to be part of.  If you want a team that hums we’d love to hear from you.

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