Conversations for Understanding

How to have win-win conversations


It’s likely you searched for ‘difficult conversations’ or ‘courageous conversations’. These terms create an expectation that the conversation will be challenging. We prefer the term ‘conversations for understanding’. Entering into conversations with a desire to understand the other person is far more conducive to positive outcomes.

Outcomes and Benefits

Catapult’s ‘Conversations for Understanding’ workshops provide participants with skills and insights for having constructive conversations that result in positive outcomes for both parties.

  • Learn how to create learning conversations
  • Learn to hold and share your point of view as your ‘story’, not the ‘truth’
  • Learn how to have the other person share their story
  • Learn how to return calm and safety if things get hot
  • Reduce anxiety by reframing these conversations as ‘conversations for understanding’.
  • Understand what goes on in the background of conversations that can prevent them from being constructive
  • Learn how to create common conversation purpose and goals

In-house workshops

Workshops generally run from 10.00am to 4.00pm with a lunch break.  During the session, participants will apply content to an upcoming or past conversation.

Participants are provided with a workbook that contains core content and insights from the workshop.

Each workshop has a maximum of 18 participants per workshop so the facilitator is able to spend one on one time with each person.


The cost per workshop is $5,500 ex GST. This cost includes workbooks and other learning materials. Any travel and accommodation is additional.

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