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‘If your proposition is compelling enough, your service delivery of a high enough standard, and you remain passionate, positive and committed, you will attract opportunities regardless.’

Mining the Diamonds Report – Leadership Gems from the Last Recession

While it may not feel like it now, research shows that periods of economic turbulence are an opportunity for forward-looking leaders to forge better and stronger organisations.

Catapult Regeneration guides leaders on how to do this based on our Mining the Diamonds – Leadership Gems from the last Recession research and 20 years’ experience working with leaders and organisations.

Catapult Regeneration provides actionable tools and insights to help your organisation get in shape to meet the post Covid-19 world. Catapult Regeneration covers strategy, operations, people, and personal leadership delivered in five online sessions over two and a half weeks.


‘I’d been blindly navigating our company through this crazy time. Catapult Regeneration has brought positivity and direction.  As well as the tools provided, it’s put us in a fresh and positive frame to move forward. I’m now energised to lead our team into new territory.’ James Solari, Solari Architects.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Catapult Regenerate. The content is thought-provoking and relevant for these times. I would recommend it to anyone in a leadership role so you can capture opportunities and lead skillfully and with confidence”  Michelle Harvey, incoming General Manager, Abletech.

Sessions One and Two: Strategy (Rethinking)

Your organisation operates within a wider system which includes not only users of your product or service, but stakeholders, regulators, and suppliers, all of which will have been affected by Covid-19.  Understanding how your wider operating system has been impacted, and your place in it, is the first step to strategic leadership.  The next step is understanding how your product or service provides value in a post Covid-19 world.

Strategy: Session One

  • Key lessons from the last recession
  • Making your strategy robust by understanding your wider operating environment
  • The strategic markers of purpose, vision, and values
  • Exploring the default future for your organisation
  • Understanding where you add value by understanding your users’ needs. What constitutes value for them now and in the future?
  • Mapping your value proposition against user needs. Is it fit for purpose?  Does it need to adapt or evolve?

Strategy: Session Two

  • Reviewing application of session one content
  • Exploring two options for developing your strategy
  • Assessing strategy for its ‘do-ability’ in relation to your organisation’s capacity, capability, and culture
  • Using SWOT analysis well
  • Force field analysis: Identify the internal and external forces that will help or hinder strategy implementation
  • Identifying and planning for predictable risks to successful implementation
  • Snappy strategic principle: communicating your strategy in a simple and powerful way

Session Three: Operations (Redoing)

Strategy is about making sure you deliver what users value. Operations is about delivering user value in a cost effective and sustainable way. It requires both innovation and discipline.

  • Exploring how to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while not eroding value
  • Identifying ‘moments of truth’ to add value to your users
  • How to use Covid-19 to generate creativity and innovation
  • How to lead creativity and innovation effectively
  • Distinguishing between technical and adaptive challenges when implementing change
  • Problem-solving and decision-making during change

Session Four: People Leadership

No matter how good your strategy or how efficient your processes, you need engaged and motivated people to make things happen. As your organisation explores new ways of working in a changed world, good people leadership is more important than ever.

  • What people look for in leaders and how to apply these in Covid-19
  • What people want and need in Covid-19 re-entry
  • Key tools and skills for leading people in Covid-19 re-entry
  • Helping your organisation create a positive and forward-looking mindset
  • Making the most of people leadership opportunities that come with Covid-19

Session Five: Personal Leadership

Leading in turbulent times can be mentally and physically exhausting. This session will provide guidance for leadership resilience and explore the impact and importance of managing your leadership mood.

  • How your leadership contagion (mood) directly impacts others and your chances of success
  • Getting to the source of mood and how to be an emotionally regulated leader
  • Practices for managing your leadership mood
  • Identifying and managing your mental health and well-being

Session Lead: Nick Sceats

Nick is a co-founder and Director of Catapult.

  • Postgraduate qualification in Strategic Leadership and Management from Michigan State University.
  • 20 years’ experience working with boards and senior leadership teams facilitating strategy development.
  • Sought after leadership speaker during Covid-19 appearing in videos and webinars for WellingtonNZ, the Chartered Accountants Association of Australia and New Zealand, and Economic Development NZ.
  • Lead researcher and writer of Mining the Diamonds – Leadership Gems from the Last Recession.
  • Co-author of the best selling leadership book, Leaders Like You.

Format and Cost

Five Zoom sessions of two hours each with a ten-minute break. Participants will be emailed links and articles to supplement the Zoom sessions.

The cost is $490 exclusive of GST.

Programme Two below is now closed.

Week One: Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 May: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Week Two: Tuesday 2 June and Thursday 4 June: 10.00am to 12.00pm
Week Three: Tuesday 9 June: 10.00am – 12.00pm

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Session One: Tuesday 26 May

Session Two: Thursday 28 May

Session Three: Tuesday 2 June

Session Four: Thursday 4 June

Session Five: Tuesday 9 June


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