-Building Your Regeneration Strategy –
Emerging from crisis better and stronger

Covid-19 has changed the social, economic, and environmental license organisations operate under. Boards and senior leadership teams must engage in what this means for their organisation, whether it be mild revision or wild reinvention.

Catapult will facilitate your engagement using the following framework:

Session One: Our world today – a leadership stocktake

– What has changed in the system we operate in – our clients, our suppliers, our stakeholders?

– Where are our people at? How have they been experiencing change, and how are they placed for regeneration?

– Where are we? As leaders and as a leadership team, how have we fared under crisis conditions?

– What are the key features of our world today that we must respond to in our Regeneration Strategy?

Session Two:  Scenarios for change, and declaring our ambition

– Over the next 3-12 months, how do we see the crisis evolving?

– What are the critical implications for the work we do?

– What are we well positioned for, and where do we face a capability challenge?

– Given our likely scenario, where do we want to be by the end of 2020? What is our ambition?

Session Three: Our Regeneration Strategy

– What priority actions must we take to make progress towards our ambition?

– What critical success factors apply, and how will we track progress?

– How do we express our strategy in the simplest way to drive urgency and action?

– How do we engage with our people to gain their alignment?

– How do we get and stay match fit as a leadership team?

– What roles and rules do we need, and how will we enable each other’s success?

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