Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching is a tremendous way of  accessing customised support for your leadership development.

About coaching

People committed to fulfilling their potential tap into the power of a coach. By drawing on leadership concepts and frameworks, best practice, and wisdom gained from many years of experience, a coach helps bring fresh thinking to the challenges you face.

A coach is committed to your success and supports and challenges you to lift your leadership performance.  Catapult coaching generally involves 6 to 12 coaching sessions (typically each session is one to two hours). With your coach you set inspiring leadership goals and design a development programme to achieve them.

Considerable thought goes into matching client and coach for both content and chemistry compatibility. Coaching can occur face to face or by phone and backed by a leadership toolkit supplied by your coach.

Every Catapult coaching assignment is different, but some typical scenarios of how leaders use coaching to support their leadership development are listed below.

“Highly skilled and a great help with a significant challenge. Professionally life-changing.”

Louise Judd Coactive

“The financial value is massive. It enabled me to continue to lead and support a major government initiative.”

Senior Public Sector Leader

“Extremely effective. In a fast-moving environment it's kept me focused on what's important.”

Michelle Bleeker Pegasus Health

“I can now have those difficult discussions and lead my team more effectively.”

Rebecca Hill Creative HQ

“I've learned how to progress difficult relationships, how to give feedback and how to have genuine performance discussions.”

Madeleine Larracy Ministry of Justice

“I understand what I can change and influence, and what to tackle and when. It's helped keep me organised and forward looking.”

Peter Fisk ACC

Is coaching for me?

Coaching for CEOs, Directors and Senior Leaders

In a role like this, you might be looking for an opportunity to “think out loud”. Catapult coaches provide an independent sounding board for navigating complex challenges.

Coaching for Middle Managers

As a middle manager, you are often under pressure – leading the delivery of business as usual, as well as implementing change. Coaching at this level includes helping to define what’s important and where to focus your energy. Coaching can also focus on improving your influence, lifting your team’s performance, and leading change.



Coaching for Team Leaders

For team leaders, coaching is often around helping you understand and adapt your personal leadership style to get the best from yourself and others. Your coach can help set performance goals for you and the team, as well as coaching for dealing with difficult team members or situations.

Coaching for First Time Leaders

For new leaders, the learning curve can be steep. Set backs and disappointments can dent your enthusiasm and confidence. Coaching helps build resilience and leadership confidence. Your coach helps you self-reflect, identifying what is working well and areas for improvement. Your coach is also a safe place for you to reflect and “unload” in a way you may not feel able to do with your manager.

Coaching for leaders at all levels

Catapult will tailor a coaching solution that’s right for your level of leadership and for the outcomes you want. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like more information, or a no obligation discussion about how Catapult can help your leadership development.

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