The Public Heath Leadership Programme

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What is PHLP?

PHLP is a leadership programme designed for public health leaders in New Zealand. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Health and has been developed following extensive consultation with the sector. PHLP builds leadership competencies identified as important for leaders in public health. The programme is facilitated by Catapult’s co-founder Andrea Thompson, who has led the programme since its inception in 2010.

PHLP will allow you to discover your leadership potential and equip you with practical and tested leadership tools and resources. The programme will generate immediate and lasting benefits for you, those you lead, and for public health.

PHLP has a six-day leadership component delivered as three two-day sessions.

In 2022, one programme will be offered in Wellington and one in Christchurch.

Who is PHLP for?

The PHLP is for public health leaders wanting to inspire, refresh and create a powerful foundation for their leadership development.

PHLP is not designed to teach public health. Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of public health principles including an understanding of social determinants of health, inequalities in health, how culture influences health, and the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi in health.

Why choose PHLP?

Designed for Public Health

PHLP has been designed to meet the leadership challenges facing public health. PHLP develops leadership competencies identified as essential for public health leaders. The programme is firmly grounded within the reality of public health. Practical sessions allow for application back to work.

Leadership Wisdom + Practical Tools = Breakthrough Results

PHLP explores what is at the source of powerful leadership. You will gain transformational insights into yourself and the nature of leadership. You will be equipped with practical leadership tools that make a real and lasting difference.

Relevant and Applicable Content

PHLP is created specifically for New Zealand public health leaders. The case studies and examples used are based on the work Catapult has undertaken with hundreds of New Zealand leaders and organisations. This means the content will be directly applic


What are the leadership competencies PHLP develops?

PHLP develops leadership competencies identified following extensive consultation with the sector:

What outcomes can I expect

By the end of PHLP you will:

  • Understand what leadership is, and what’s expected of leaders
  • Have identified what is at the source of effective and powerful leadership
  • Have greater self-awareness, self-confidence and leadership wisdom
  • Understand your primary leadership style and how to adapt your style to be more effective
  • Have clarified your personal values and created an inspiring leadership vision
  • Have explored public health values and ethical issues
  • Know how to create shared purpose, vision and goals for a public health issue
  • Have developed your strategic thinking abilities
  • Have developed your political savvy
  • Know how to lead change and align people
  • Understand how to work collaboratively with others
  • Have enhanced influencing skills
  • Understand how to approach courageous conversations
  • Understand and have practised the fundamentals of coaching
  • Formed peer learning groups to support you in implementing learning
  • Have undertaken a range of action learning projects to implement learning back at work
  • Have a leadership development plan.

What participants say

‘The course has been a breath of fresh air and it’s been a privilege to be engaged with many new people, paradigms and possibilities for public health.’

‘This course shifted my mindset to realise that, with the right support and learning, anyone can be a leader.’

‘Through expert facilitation and provision of relevant resources, the course has provided me with knowledge, tools and tactics that I can easily apply in an organisational setting. I have been able to experiment with course learnings in the workplace in real time and talk these experiments through with my action learning trio. I would highly recommend the course to anybody interested in developing as a leader in public health.’

What does PHLP involve?

  1. Pre-work ensures you enter the programme ready for an intensive and accelerated learning experience. You need to allow at least two days for pre-work before Workshop One and between workshop sessions. Pre-work includes undertaking 360-degree feedback in relation to the public health leadership competencies, a debrief with a professional coach, completing an online assessment tool, and completing readings.
  2. PHLP has six workshop days divided into three sets of two days spread over several months.
  3. One-on-one coaching by a professional coach after each workshop component.
  4. It is expected that participants will design and implement projects to apply programme insights back at work.
  5. Participants will be formed into peer groups. These groups meet virtually between workshop sessions to support implementation of programme content.
  6. All PHLP graduates will become part of the PHLP Alumni, receiving regular e-news and opportunities to participate in Alumni workshops.

When and Where is PHLP in 2022?

Wellington Christchurch
Workshop 1 29-30 June 6-7 July
Workshop 2 14-15 November 21-22 September
Workshop 3 16-17 November 23-24 September

Wellington Location

The Wellington PHLP will be held at the Naumi Conference Centre located at 213-223 Cuba St, Wellington. Cuba St is at the heart of Wellington’s vibrant café and eclectic shopping area. The venue is only a few minutes’ walk to the waterfront, the CBD and some of Wellington’s best cafés and restaurants. The venue includes hotel accommodation. Further information about the accommodation is available at Naumi Hotel’s website.

Christchurch Location

The Christchurch PHLP will be held at the Sudima Christchurch City Hotel located at 49 Salisbury Street, Christchurch. This brand-new 5-star boutique hotel is ideally located on Victoria Street amidst an array of cafes, restaurants and bars, and is close to both Hagley Park and Christchurch’s CBD. Find out more at Sudima Hotel’s website.

How to Apply

Check that you meet the criteria on the Ministry of Health’s website and then fill out the online application form.

Applications close at 5pm, 4 March 2022.

All applicants will be contacted regarding the outcome of their applications by 21 March 2021.