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Why 360-Degree Feedback?

360-degree feedback is a powerful tool for leadership development, providing a comprehensive view of a leader’s performance and areas for growth. Research has shown that leaders who receive 360-degree feedback are:

  • Rated as more effective
  • More likely to improve their performance
  • Achieve better business results
  • More likely to be promoted.

In an ideal world, people would gather feedback informally and frequently. However, we know that Kiwis aren’t generally good at feedback. This is why organisations turn to 360-degree feedback assessments. By gathering feedback from various stakeholders, leaders can identify blind spots, leverage their strengths, and promote continuous learning and development.

What Does LeaderScope 360 Measure?

LeaderScope captures feedback about five leadership competencies research shows are required of future-fit leaders:

  1. Show Character
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Empower Others
  4. Drive Results
  5. Shape the Future.

People get a detailed LeaderScope 360 feedback report and a development guide that supports them to make sense of their feedback and create development goals.

In a coaching session with a highly qualified Catapult coach, people explore their feedback, clarify their development goals, and identify strategies for developing in these areas.

What’s Different About Catapult LeaderScope 360?

Catapult LeaderScope has several features that distinguish it from other 360-degree feedback tools:

  • Future-fit. LeaderScope 360 is based on extensive research into the emerging needs of leaders which show leaders need systems, sustainability, and collaborative leadership skills.
  • Leadership – not management. Most 360-degree feedback tools have an underlying managerial mindset based on hierarchy and control. LeaderScope is about leadership, not management.
  • Development focus and guide. LeaderScope 360 is designed for leadership development. The development guide applies the disciplines of breakthrough learning to clarify goals and drive behaviour change.
  • Leadership coaching.  Accredited Catapult Coaches run the debrief and development conversation.
  • Accountability. Participants are encouraged to discuss their feedback and development goals with their manager and other respondents.
  • Behaviour change. Behaviour change is hard. 360-degree feedback reports often include an overwhelming amount of feedback making it hard to identify priorities for change. LeaderScope 360 isolates the highest priority areas to work on.
  • Developmental rating scale. Rather than the now discredited frequency rating scale used by most other 360-degree feedback tools, LeaderScope uses a developmental rating scale.

Simple yet comprehensive report that provides clarity around areas of development and confirmation of existing strengths.

Mari Lowe, Parliamentary Services

Gave me a shot of confidence to hear that others see real strengths in certain areas I hadn't placed much weight on.

Ryan Nicholl Civil Aviation

LeaderScope 360 is particularly well designed and provided me with very constructive feedback and material to work with.

Sue Squire HR Manager, Otakaro

Supporting and thought-provoking. LeaderScope identified essential gaps and opportunities.

Yvonne Youngman Nelson Bays Primary Health

Catapult LeaderScope 360

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