LeaderScope 360

Data Driven Leader Development

LeaderScope 360 shows leaders where and how they can lift their performance.

How Does LeaderScope 360 Work?

LeaderScope 360 is a 360-degree leadership feedback tool.  It provides leaders with feedback on their performance from a range of people they regularly interact with.  For example, from colleagues, direct reports, and customers. This diversity of feedback provides a rich picture of a person’s leadership strengths and areas for development.

LeaderScope 360 assesses a leader’s performance against five core leadership practices.

  1. Show Character
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Empower Others
  4. Drive Results
  5. Shape the Future

The five leadership practices are comprised of specific leadership imperatives and behaviours.

Based on the ratings and comments from those invited to provide feedback, and the leader’s self-assessment, LeaderScope 360 identifies how the leader is performing against the leadership practices, imperatives and behaviours. A comprehensive LeaderScope 360 report is generated which is debriefed with a Catapult Coach.

Using the data and insights from their LeaderScope 360 report, leaders complete a development plan which builds on their strengths and addresses areas of leadership development identified as critical to their role.

In addition to individual LeaderScope 360 reports, a composite report can be generated.  This composite report enables an organisation to identify their collective leadership strengths, but more importantly, to identify collective areas for leadership development.

About LeaderScope 360

Key Features

Future-fit. LeaderScope 360 is based on extensive research into the emerging needs of leaders. Megatrends research shows the world we are moving into needs a collaborative leadership style. Old-fashioned command and control management approaches just won’t cut it in the new world.

Leadership – not management. Most 360-degree feedback tools have an underlying managerial mindset based on hierarchy and control. LeaderScope is specifically designed to capture the expectations of leaders.

Development focus and guide. LeaderScope 360 is designed for leadership development. The development guide applies the disciplines of breakthrough learning to clarify goals and drive behaviour change.

Coach support.  Accredited Catapult Coaches debrief the report with leaders.

Accountability. LeaderScope 360 includes a developmental guide to drive accountability for behaviour change.

Role context.  Most 360-degree feedback tools don’t identify the leadership practices most important to the leader’s current role. LeaderScope 360 does. This makes it easy for the leader to focus on developing the practices that are most important for their performance, right now.

Behaviour change. Behaviour change is hard. 360-degree feedback reports often include an overwhelming amount of feedback making it hard to identify priorities for change. LeaderScope 360 isolates the highest priority areas to work on.

Strengths based. Some 360-degree feedback can make performance worse. LeaderScope 360 has a strengths-based approach focusing subjects on key strengths to turn into signature strengths.

Developmental rating scale is used – rather than the now discredited frequency rating scale used by most other 360-degree feedback tools.

Investment. Catapult LeaderScope 360-degree feedback costs $950 ex GST which includes administering the survey, the 360-degree report, provision of a development guide, and a one-hour debrief session with a Catapult coach.

Simple yet comprehensive report that provides clarity around areas of development and confirmation of existing strengths.

Mari Lowe, Parliamentary Services

Gave me a shot of confidence to hear that others see real strengths in certain areas I hadn't placed much weight on.

Ryan Nicholl Civil Aviation

LeaderScope 360 is particularly well designed and provided me with very constructive feedback and material to work with.

Sue Squire HR Manager, Otakaro

Supporting and thought-provoking. LeaderScope identified essential gaps and opportunities.

Yvonne Youngman Nelson Bays Primary Health

LeaderScope 360

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