Customised Leadership Programmes


Unleashing leadership potential at every level and creating a leadership culture.

Leaders who Can. Cultures that Enable.

Imagine releasing a freshwater fish into an oxygen and nutrient deprived pond. It will be lucky to survive, but it certainly won’t thrive. Too often, organisations invest in leadership development but fail to create an environment that enables leaders to put their new found skills into action. Leaders who Can and Cultures that Enable means we design leadership development programmes that address both the “fish” and the “water”.

Leaders who Can is about equipping people with the skills and confidence to lead. Cultures that Enable is about ensuring your organisation’s environment supports leaders to put their skills into action.  When these two elements come together a wonderful transformation happens – a leadership culture is created. People are quick to adapt, they innovate and collaborate, they take ownership and accountability, and they support and challenge each other to perform to the best of their ability. Who wouldn’t want that?

Our five-stage approach

Customised Leadership Programme: Stage 1
Business Strategy

Leadership development is all about performance. So the first step is to get inside your business strategy.

Customised Leadership Programme: Stage 2
Leadership Strategy

We work together to identify the type of leadership culture, vital capabilities and behaviours that will catapult the business strategies forward.

Customised Leadership Programme: Stage 3
Leadership Development Strategy

Together we nut out the levers for developing leadership at every level.

Customised Leadership Programme: Stage 4
Leadership Development Initiatives

Through engaging people in real challenges, we lift leadership capacity and create leadership cultures. We drive transfer of learning and application.

Customised Leadership Programme: Stage 5
Proven Impact

We ‘move the finish line’ from completing programmes to proving application.

Developing leadership at every level

The shifts from being a team member to being a people leader, and to being a leader of leaders, involve challenges and require new leadership competencies. Catapult’s customised leadership programmes support leaders to navigate these transitions.

Here are examples of leadership programmes Catapult has custom-designed for clients.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Aspiring Leaders

100% would recommend the programme to others.

‘It provided me with frameworks, processes and techniques to feel more comfortable and confident in leadership situations. The network across the Ministry that you’re able to build through the programme is really valuable as well.’

‘It’s a great mix of practical tools, engagement with peers, and in depth exploration of how to implement learning.’

PGG Wrightson
Growing Leaders

‘Senior leaders at PGG Wrightson believe we chose an excellent leadership development provider in Catapult.’ – People and Capability Manager

Fire and Emergency NZ
Strategic Leadership Programme

100% would recommend the programme to their peers.


‘Through the course of my career I have attended many leadership programmes. I consider the Strategic leadership programme for Fire and Emergency NZ developed and delivered with Catapult as world class and one of the best I have attended.

The programme delivered practical tools leaders could immediately add to their approach. The mix of leaders at various tiers of the organisation enriched the conversation while the insightful facilitation ensured the group was constantly challenged in their thinking to grow their mindset and approach.

I have seen a big lift in many of our leaders following this programme and know it is referenced often. It was a pleasure working and learning with the Catapult team.’ – Kerry Gregory, Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery

We design and deliver leadership programmes for all levels of leadership from emerging leaders through to senior leaders.

We have delivered customised leadership programmes for:

Private Sector


Computer Associates


House of Travel

Mercury Energy

Meridian Energy

PGG Wrightson

Port Taranaki



Silver Fern Farms

Port Taranaki

Toyota NZ

Public Sector


Commerce Commission

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Healthy Families NZ

Ministry for the Environment

Ministry of Health

Trade New Zealand

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

National Library


State Services Commission

Customised for your Organisation

Talk to us about how we can develop a tailored made leadership programme for your organisation.

Catapult Leadership – In-house Option.

With over 1,500 graduates, running Catapult’s highly respected public leadership programme, Catapult Leadership in-house may be an option for you. With ready-to-go and proven content Catapult Leadership has been chosen by organisations such as the Law Society,  the Insitute of Directors, and Proactive for Health as their in-house leadership programme solution. Delivery can be customised to suit your needs and context. Learn more: Catapult Leadership In-house.

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