Catapult Leadership Programme Registration

Terms and Conditions


Programme fees are due the earlier of the 20th of month following the invoice date / one month prior to the programme date.


Catapult reserves the right to cancel a programme and will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible. Upon cancellation, any fees already paid by the participant will be applied to a following programme of the participant’s choice.

Withdrawal and deferral

As Catapult incurs substantial costs prior to programmes, the following policy applies to participant withdrawal and transfer.
If the participant withdraws more than six weeks before a programme, Catapult will provide a full refund. Participants are allowed one free transfer to another programme within 12 months, provided they notify Catapult in writing no less than four weeks before this programme. If less than six weeks notice is provided for withdrawals and transfers, the following fees are payable:

From programme start date Transfer fee Withdrawal fee
29–42 days No charge 50%
15–28 days $950 admin charge 50%
Less than 14 days 50% 100%
Travel interruption

If a participant’s travel arrangements are interrupted e.g. due to a weather event, the above withdrawal and transfer fees will apply. We recommend participants take out insurance to cover the additional programme fees in the event of travel interruption.


Consideration may, in some circumstances, be given to a replacement with an alternative candidate. Substitution depends on factors including notice being given to Catapult in writing, an appropriate candidate, and sufficient time for pre-work to be completed.


If you are unable to attend your Catapult Leadership programme because of nationally or regionally imposed Covid-19 related restrictions we will transfer you to a future programme at no cost.

Acceptance of terms and conditions 

I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions. Upon registration, I/my organisation will become liable for the programme fee and will be bound by the terms and conditions.