Additional Coaching Options

Investing in additional coaching after the programme is a smart option. International research suggests follow-up coaching can generate as much as a 70% increase in the effectiveness of leadership development.

Why additional coaching?

You can choose three, six or twelve additional coaching sessions when you register for Catapult Leadership. What’s great about investing in additional coaching is that your Catapult coach will:

Provide you with support and challenge to make sure you implement the plan you develop at the end of the three days.  By helping you turn intention into action your coach ensures you and your organisation get the maximum return on your investment.

Help you remain true to your new leadership practices and commitments.

Help you deepen your understanding and application of the leadership frameworks and concepts. With your coach, you can explore every aspect of the programme in greater depth at your own pace.

Provide you with an independent sounding board for any leadership challenges you may have.

How it works

Catapult has highly experienced coaches. Before the programme begins, and based on your role and the information you provide us prior to the programme, we allocate a coach to you.

What’s the cost?

Cost (Programme + Additional Coaching)

Enhanced Programme

The standard three-day programme + three additional coaching sessions

$6,650 ($5,750 + $900)

Optimised Programme

The standard three-day programme + six additional coaching sessions

$7,550 ($5,750 + $1,800)

Maximised Programme

The standard three-day programme + twelve additional coaching sessions

$9,350 ($5,750 + $3,600)

These rates represent a discount if you were to purchase coaching separate to Catapult Leadership. All costs are exclusive of GST.

“The follow-up coaching helped me embed changes and kept me focused. We explored different approaches I could take, and my coach continually challenged my thinking on issues of motivation and encouraged me to think broader and deeper. I found it rewarding with very practical applications.”

Euan Mitchell Land Information New Zealand

Catapult Leadership is practical and proven

The leadership tools have been applied by hundreds of New Zealand organisations so you can be confident they will make a real and lasting difference. You will learn not only what leaders need to do, but how to do them with a toolbox of practical leadership tools.

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