360-Degree Feedback Option

Catapult’s 360-degree feedback relates to the content of Catapult Leadership and provides feedback on how you are performing in relation to self-leadership, leading others, and strategic leadership.

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a term used for receiving feedback on your leadership performance from a range of people you interact with, including direct reports, peers and your manager. You also rate your own performance. The result is a feedback report that provides a more complete picture of your performance.

Doing 360-degree feedback before the programme allows you to identify your leadership strengths and areas for improvement. This, in turn, allows you to develop specific learning goals and areas of focus for your participation.

How does it work?

On the registration pageselect the 360-degree feedback option.  Because of the time involved in administering 360-degree feedback, you must choose this option no less than four weeks before your programme begins.

The first step is to identify people who can provide you with useful and informed feedback (called responders).  We recommend identifying responders with your manager and making sure you get a good cross section of people – not just those you think are going to say nice things about you! We also recommend you personally ask responders to participate, letting them know why you value their feedback and letting them know their ratings and comments will not be attributed to them.

Once you have confirmed your responders:
  • You provide Catapult with responders’ email addresses.
  • Responders receive an email with instructions on completing the online survey and a date of completion. This email assures them their ratings and comments will not be attributed to them.
  • You will also receive the email and complete the survey.
  • A date for debriefing your report with a Catapult coach is scheduled.
  • Once all responders have provided feedback, Catapult provides you with your completed 360-degree feedback report.
  • You receive a feedback guide to complete prior to your debriefing session with the Catapult coach.
In your debriefing session your Catapult coach will help you:
  • Interpret the results of the feedback.
  • Identify and acknowledge strengths.
  • Identify and acknowledge areas for improvements.
  • Identify gaps between your self-rating and how others have rated you.
  • Develop specific learning goals and areas of focus for your participation in Catapult Leadership and beyond.

What’s the cost?

The cost for the 360-degree feedback option, when selected for Catapult Leadership, is $800 ex GST. This includes the cost of administering the survey, the 360-degree report and the debrief session with the Catapult coach.

Catapult Leadership is practical and proven

The leadership tools have been applied by hundreds of New Zealand organisations so you can be confident they will make a real and lasting difference. You will learn not only what leaders need to do, but how to do them with a toolbox of practical leadership tools.

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