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Run Catapult Leadership In-House

Running Catapult Leadership as an in-house leadership programme can be a smart option. Rather than spend precious and unnecessary time and money on customised design, you’ll find that Catapult Leadership is likely to have most of the content you want.  We can customise content or delivery to match any particular needs or areas of focus.

Who has run  Catapult Leadership in-house?

Catapult Leadership in-house has been available since 2022. Organisations that have chosen this option include the New Zealand Law Society, Institute of Directors, Integrated Technology Control, and ComCare.

Rather than spend time and money on programme design for an in-house leadership programme, we chose to have Catapult run their well-respected and proven Catapult Leadership programme for our leaders. The programme content and delivery was spot on and from an administration point of view it was pretty much effortless! Chyba Barriball-Finch, NZ Law Society
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How It Works

Catapult Leadership, in its public programme form, is run as a 3.5-day programme. For in-house programmes, we recommend the programme be four days in length. This allows time to explore the application of different leadership ideas and frameworks to the organisation’s particular context or challenges. The four days do not need to run back-to-back. Typically, the form is two days and then a six-week break followed by day three and then a further six-week break followed by day four. This format allows the participants to create a strong learning cohort in the first two days and for ‘chunking of learning’. It also means less organisational stress to the organisation in not have people out of the business for four days in a row.

Content Overview

Leading self

What is Leadership?

This session looks at the difference between leadership and management, dispels leadership myths, and identifies how to incorporate more leadership into your everyday actions and interactions. We also explore the contagious nature of leadership – how a leader’s mindset and mood shapes the actions they take and the results they produce.

Your Leadership Backbone

There is no one best type of leader. What’s important is leading in a way that is real and authentic for you. This requires clarity about what you believe in and what you want to achieve in your leadership.  In this session, you will clarify your personal values, identify your leadership purpose, and create an inspiring leadership vision for yourself.  We explore the hidden nature of self-imposed limitations on leadership potential.

Leadership Styles

Leaders need to be adaptable and employ different leadership styles depending on the situation. Using the DISC behavioural styles framework, you will explore the pros and cons of different leadership styles and when they are most appropriate to use. Your comprehensive DISC report will reveal your primary leadership style and its associated strengths and pitfalls.  Equipped with these insights, you will be better able to adapt your style to the situation at hand and the people you are working with.

Strategic leadership

Creating Shared Purpose and Values

Clarity of purpose, vision and values not only generate greater engagement and productive focus, but they are invaluable leadership decision-making touchstones. Applying  Catapult’s many years experience working with teams and organisations on vision, value and purpose you will learn how to create and make the most of these leadership assets.

Creating Vision and Goals

Leaders are forward-looking – scanning the horizon, setting direction and guiding the thinking about how to reach a new future. We explore how to create a vision and bold goals. Just as importantly, we look at how to align people to the vision and bold goals, how to keep them alive, and how use them to guide strategic decision making.

Leading Change

Change often fails because people feel change is being done to them, rather than with them.  Drawing on Catapult’s extensive change experience working with organisations such as Fire and Emergency NZ and Toyota NZ, participants explore the four phases of change and learn strategies and tactics for leading people successfully through each change phase.

Creating a High-Performing Team

Leaders build high-performance teams. In this session you will discover the key elements that make a high-performing team and, using a diagnostic tool, you will assess how your team is currently performing against each element. You will gain practical tools and strategies for enhancing your team’s performance.

Leading others


Being an effective influencer is a vital leadership skill. You will explore the psychology of influencing and learn three strategies and ten tactics for being an effective influencer in your day-to-day leadership.  You will also be provided with an influencing planning template for influencing a major challenge or project.

Coaching: Growing People

Leaders bring out the best in those around them. Being able to coach people to higher levels of performance is key. We reveal the key skills to successful coaching and provide you with a powerful coaching model. You will practise putting the skills into action.


To free up time to lead and to grow the capability of others, leaders need to be effective delegators. You will learn and apply a simple process for delegating that results in clarity and confidence both for you and for the person you are delegating to.

Leadership Development Plan

In this session you will create a plan for applying learning back at work and for your ongoing leadership development.


Catapult Leadership In-House is charged at a per-participant cost. Please contact us for details and estimates.

Project Management Cost

In-house programmes may involve a project management fee if significant adaptation and consultation is required.

Coaching is not included but can be provided.

Catapult’s LeaderScope 360 is not included but can be incorporated at a cost of $950 per report which includes a one-hour debrief with the Catapult facilitator prior to the programme.


Participants receive an extensive A4 folder of resources and an A5 framework book, plus coaching and feedback card resources. Participants also receive a copy of Catapult’s Leaders Like You book. These resources are Catapult branded.

You can co-brand the programme with your own identity and programme name. Design, application and printing costs are additional.


  • Costs of venues, catering and any accommodation are covered by the client.
  • All costs are exclusive of GST


Customisation occurs in two ways. The first is through customisation of delivery. This is where the Catapult facilitator, based on pre programme meetings to understand your organisational context and challenges, will ensure a ‘deeper dive’ into content most relevant to your organisational context. Delivery customisation is included in the standard project management costs.

The second is content customisation whereby you may wish to substitute one piece of content for another. For example, rather than delegation, you would prefer to have a module on motivation. Catapult has extensive content to draw on based on our 25 years of designing and delivering leadership programmes. Depending on the degree of customisation, content customisation may result in additional project management costs and production costs.

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