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Strategic Leadership and Leadership Development Programmes


Toyota NZ identified a need to develop the leadership capability of team leaders and managers to support organisational change initiatives.


Catapult was chosen to create a sustainable two tiered leadership programme: Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP) and Leadership Development Programme (LDP).  The programmes included:

  • 360 feedback
  • Self-awareness assessment
  • Leadership styles assessment
  • Launch event (including senior leaders)
  • Manager integration (feedback, assignments, mentoring and coaching)
  • Six x two-day workshops (Leading Yourself, Crucial Conversations, Leading Others, Leading Teams, Leading Change, Celebration)
  • Application assignments: teach backs
  • Leadership community: leadership café (action learning groups), alumni


The programmes are in their third year and have led to measurable improvements in leadership (measured by repeat 360), teamwork (measured by repeat team assessments), engagement results (Best Places to Work) and business results.

“We’ve just done the best places to work survey and my team’s score has increased from 79.8 to 90.6!!! I attributed it to now having the confidence and tools to talk about issues with the team and knowing it’s important to do so rather than ignoring it. We now keep forefront of mind the importance of having team meetings and individual meetings and not cancelling. And we are now being more proactive with giving feedback and actively listening.
There are many other things that have contributed to this result, but these are the main things that I’ve learnt through Catapult that I think have had a real positive impact on our team result. Crazy because they are so simple when you see them like that, but I guess that also contributes to the success of the program, as they are easy things to do, as long as you’re aware of them and try and make them habits.”

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