Proactive4Health is a physiotherapy company that has rapidly expanded in the last three years through purchasing a series of independent physiotherapy practices. It now employs over 300 people operating under the one “Proactive4Health” brand.  The challenge was to successfully transition the different cultures associated with each acquired practice into the one Proactive4Health brand.  


A three-day leadership programme with 25 practice leaders created a community of Proactive4Health leaders.  The community of leaders was equipped with a common “leadership language” and set of leadership frameworks and practices.  The community of leaders collectively created a five-year vision and strategy for the company and an agreed “Proactive4Health Way”.  Action learning trios were created to ensure ongoing peer support and “framework masters” were created.  Framework masters are individual ProActive4Health leaders who are the subject matter experts in a particular leadership tool or framework.  The framework masters are used as a resource by others in ProActive4Health to refresh their understanding of the leadership framework or to help with its application.


The formation of a committed community of leaders greatly accelerated the successful transition of the individual practices into ProActive4Health. Predicted attrition of senior clinical leaders from the acquired practices did not occur, saving the company significant expense associated with sourcing and training replacements.

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