PGG Wrightson

Leadership Culture and Cascaded Leadership Development

Catapult has worked both with strategic leaders facilitating strategy creation and in leadership development. This case study focuses on senior leadership development.


Most PGG Wrightson managers had been promoted to leadership roles because of their technical expertise.  Employee engagement survey results showed staff wanted greater investment in strengthening leadership and management capability. To achieve PGG Wrightson’s vision to be “leaders in the field – helping grow the country”, they needed to grow their leadership expertise. PGG Wrightson believed investing in leadership would build their employment brand and help attract and retain staff. Over 30 providers of leadership development programmes were asked to respond to an RFP.  Catapult was selected for leadership development and strategic leadership development.


Catapult was selected to create leadership programmes to help PGG Wrightson build a leadership culture, grow leadership capability, achieve business goals, and help make PGG Wrightson a great place to work. The programme was launched in December 2010 and since then over 500 leaders have completed it.  

The programme includes the following core elements:

  • 360-degree feedback and debrief with a leadership coach to create a development plan
  • Self-awareness assessment
  • Online learning pre-work
  • Three x two-day workshops: “Leading the Way”, “Growing PGG Wrightson”, and “Growing Others”.

The approach has been top-down to develop mentoring and coaching skills to lead subsequent leaders.


Engagement surveys confirm strong improvements in confidence in leadership, and belief in the organisation’s purpose. The programme has resulted in significant business improvements. Staff confidence in their leaders is now 6.5% above the agriculture sector benchmark. Repeat 360-feedback shows on average 8% improvement in leadership behaviours. There is greater alignment and collegiality across different business units and geographic regions.  Teams are demonstrably higher performing.

“Senior leaders at PGG Wrightson believe we chose an excellent leadership development provider in Catapult. We work in close partnership with them based on trust and innovation to improve best practice across our organisation. We now frequently invite Catapult to support us in matters of strategy and consistency.”

Tracey Snape People and Capability Manager

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