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The public health workforce had been under invested in. Leaders lacked the skills and the sector lacked the ability to cause systems change. The Ministry of Health developed a workforce strategy and put out a request for proposals on GETS in 2009. The Ministry of Health GETS RFP generated over 50 responses.  Catapult was chosen, in collaboration with an associate, to create the Public Health Leadership Programmes.


The programmes are in their eighth year of operation with over 400 leaders having been developed.

The design process included creating a steering group from across the sector, conducting structured interviews, international research, developing a leadership success profile for public health leaders, creating a 360-degree feedback tool, and a bespoke development programme.  

The programme includes the following core elements:

  • 360-degree feedback developed specifically for public health leaders, debrief with a leadership coach and creation of a development plan
  • Self-awareness assessment
  • Online learning pre-work (TED talks, readings and reflections)
  • Manager connection for support and feedback
  • Three x two-day workshops spanning Leading Yourself, Strategic Leadership, and Driving Results
  • Application challenges (“teach backs”)
  • Action learning groups
  • Coaching between workshops
  • Developmental plans updated after each workshop


Comparison of pre-programme and post-programme evaluations show significant learning transfer.  Programme completion evaluations show:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Enhanced emotional and social intelligence
  • Improved influencing
  • Career advancement
  • Significant advances in health initiatives

Ministry evaluation demonstrates a significant lift in profile and effectiveness of public health leaders; specific prevention initiatives attributed to PHLP graduates; and career advancement of leaders.

“A breath of fresh air and a privilege to be engaged with many new people, paradigms and possibilities for Public Health.”

“Shifted my mindset to realise that, with the right support and learning, anyone can be a leader.”

“Provided me with knowledge, tools and tactics I can easily apply. I would highly recommend the course to any leader in Public Health.”

For more information, application criteria and online applications click here: PHLP

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