Kono is the brand covering the fruit, seafood and wine product range of Wakatu Corporation, based in Nelson and Blenheim. Catapult was called in to work with the management team to establish a unified approach to operations and to ensure the management team operated as a cohesive unit focused on corporate performance issues rather than product line concerns.


Catapult designed and facilitated a series of workshops with the Kono managers, focusing on how they would lead a transformation in the business by creating structural, systems and people capabilities across the three divisions.

The first workshops drilled into the key drivers of success across the business, and explored how these could be leveraged across the whole enterprise.  This resulted in a Kono performance strategy that in turn resulted in new systems and an improved approach to people development.

Subsequent workshops focused on developing the leadership skills of the management team, in particular, how to collaborate for collective success and how to involve each other in different aspects of the business to solve issues and provide inter-disciplinary perspectives.


Beforehand, Kono had been a brand covering three very different operations with different cultures, perspectives and ways of operating. Within a year the three different operations were united around common core principles, production standards, people strategies and strategic purpose.

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