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For several years Fujitsu dominated the New Zealand heat pump market. However, in 2012 it began losing significant sales and market share to competitors, to the point where profitability was seriously threatened. The leadership team was not operating as a team, the business had no clear values and behavioural standards, there were significant tensions between functions, staff were becoming fractious or disengaged, accountabilities were vague, and there was no clear strategy to reverse a worrying performance trend.


Catapult interviewed managers and key staff across the organisation to understand their perceptions of the state of the business, and explore potential solutions. This enabled Catapult to advise the senior leadership team on the source of under-performance, and propose some critical interventions.

Catapult was appointed as ‘coach’ to the leadership team, attending the team’s fortnightly meetings. Over a six month programme of work we: 

  • Facilitated the senior team to create a vision for the business and set new performance goals
  • Facilitated the senior team to develop new sales and marketing strategies
  • Designed and implemented a culture change programme
  • Coached individual managers to equip them to implement the programme at team levels and lead people through change
  • Worked with staff to develop a set of values to ensure positive interactions between teams and clarify behavioural expectations and accountabilities
  • Coached the Managing Director to equip him with strategies for leading his leaders


Staff embraced the new values, created an award scheme, and led the drive for greater accountability and performance in their roles. Engagement rose to the point where staff coined the term ‘the Fujitsu Family’, and tensions between teams disappeared as the sources of dissatisfaction were systematically addressed. Leadership team meetings focused on strategic issues and managers reported less stress and greater sense of effectiveness.  Customer satisfaction increased from 60% to 84% over 18 months and no valued staff were lost.  Today Fujitsu has firmly re-established its profitability and position as market leader.

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