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Strategy and Senior Leadership Team Development


Business NZ is the umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of New Zealand’s thousands of businesses, large and small. The organisation achieves its share of attention in the public domain and has a strong record in influencing Government policies to enable prosperity and growth across the economy. In 2016 a new Chief Executive was appointed, with the brief to grow the organisation’s impact and revenue.  The new Chief Executive found the organisation had no strategy and tended to operate in a largely ad hoc and reactive way as issues arose and resources were available.


Catapult reviewed existing approaches and met with managers to understand their perspectives about the challenges and opportunities facing the organisation and the wider business community. Following more detailed discussions with the Chief Executive, Catapult designed a programme of workshops for the leadership team. The programme goal was to help Business NZ disrupt itself. It needed to create a new strategic approach to how it served the business community, which in turn would require a transformation in how managers saw their role and the value they needed to contribute. Each workshop focused on a specific element of the organisation’s backbone.


With Catapult’s support the senior team has developed:

  • A new, sharper purpose statement for the organisation – Growing Prosperity and Potential. This has become a part of Business NZ’s brand identity
  • A long-term vision of success
  • Four clear values to drive the organisation’s growth and culture
  • Four strategic priorities to focus its advocacy campaigns
  • A capability strategy to improve organisational performance through investment in its people
  • A stakeholder strategy
  • A leadership ethos, focusing its attention on outcomes achieved through leveraging the talent of their people

The programme is ongoing, with the next focus being to strengthen leadership capability through the wider staff.

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